Best Backpacking Tent With A Stove Jack In 2022

If you are a winter lover, then winter camping can be most adventurous for you. But camping cannot be possible without the right gears. During the winter camping, keeping yourself and the food warm is essential. It can be possible with the right choice of tent with a stove jack.

While you are deciding to do winter camping, you need to find the best backpacking tent with stove jack to have a dry, warm and cozy experience. Tent with a stove jack can be the best option to keep all the smoky mess away. You don’t need to worry about finding the best backpacking tent with a stove jack because we have listed down the perfect options for you.

Best Backpacking Tent with a Stove Jack

1. OneTigris Smokey Hut

Best Backpacking Tent with a Stove Jack

Teepee style tents have been famous for providing reliable shelter and are versatile at the same time. They can keep the heat out in the summer, provide sufficient warmth in the winter and protect against the rain a real all rounder.

Smokey hut a two-person tent made with 20D silicon coated nylon fabric, waterproof YKK zippers and waterproof treated seems makes it durable and waterproof with a rating of 3000mm. The teepee style shape of the tent is designed to withstand high winds and deflect snowfall.

It has two windows for ventilation at the top to allow continuous supply of fresh air and a zippered side entrance. The tent has ample space to easily accommodate two people and an opening at the top to facilitate use of burning stove and a hot flute pipe.

Smokey hut comes without a tent bottom and only a setup kit that includes aluminum tent poles, guy lines, and tent pegs making it easy to set up and remove in the cold weather.

The teepee-style double tent has a diameter of 10.4ft, a height of 5.2ft, and only weighs 2.6lb making it super light and a go-to option when backpacking. The waterproof stuff sack is included which allows easy transportation and storage.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great ventilation

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2. Preself Tipi Hot Tent

Preself Tipi Hot Tent

Preself tipi hot tent is manufactured using anti tear 210T patterned polyester. The performance of anti tear polyester is stronger as compared to Nylon. Tipi hot is designed to resist strong winds and water with waterproof rating of PU 2000mm.

Tipi hot is a four seasons tent suitable for three people, two big air vents for continuous air circulation at all times. A fire retardant stove jack is designed to facilitate stove pipe and a double door for convenient access making it an ideal choice for family or friends hiking trip in all seasons of the year.

Flame retardant acts as a self extinguisher and ensures that tent does not melt or drip making it safe from causing any damage to the skin.

Easy design enables quick setup and takedown within 10 minutes without any experience with the tents. The package includes, tipi tent, stove jack, stakes, pole, accessories bag, ropes and a storage bag, but it lacks a bottom.

Thanks to its compact and ultralight design only weighs 3.4lb an ideal choice when backpacking. The bottom diameter of the tent is 10.5ft, height of 5.2ft spacious enough to cook, work or just a good conversation while staying comfortable.

Product Highlights:

  • Wind resistance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flame resistant

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3. Moon Lence Camping Tent

Moon Lence Camping Tent

Moon Lence two-person tent is made using 63D 190T polyester, B3 mesh and SBS zippers. All seams are taped and a waterproof rating of 1000mm. Polyethylene is used for the manufacturing of the floor which is thick and reliable.

It has a shock corded fiberglass three pole design. Poles are attached to the tent using clip on the canopy while pin and ring system is used in corners. The two main poles support the structure of the tent while the third smaller brow pole is used to raise the fly which creates two small brims.

The three pole structure makes it a truly freestanding tent which can be easily placed on various surfaces however, it also includes 9 stakes and 4 ropes for extra added security in windy conditions.

Mesh on the ceiling along with two windows offers plenty of ventilation. The large floor vent on back allows vertical airflow. Availability of of fly at the top the zippered panels on the windows offer extra protection against rain.

The dome style covers an area of 34.4ft sq which is a reasonable size for two people. This a two season tent with a dimensions of 83.8” x 59.8”. Peak height of 48” and weighs 5.95 lb.

Product Highlights:

  • Breathable
  • Easy set-up
  • Water and UV resistance

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4. OneTigris Iron Wall Chimney Tent

OneTigris Iron Wall Chimney Tent

Camping in winter can be a great experience with the right gear. In cold weather especially in snow or rain the importance of right shelter can’t be overlooked. Nothing beats a four season shelter and having a stove in the tent for extra warmth.

The OneTigris 7 sided, 2 chamber tent is versatile and durable designed using nylon with a 20D silicon coating. It is a four season use waterproof tent rated at 2000mm with treated seams and YKK zippers.

The pyramid shape design is ultra lightweight easy to assemble and only needs a single pole for construction. Despite simple design its shape and reinforces stress points offers great protection against wind and rain.

Inner of the tent has a double chamber divided with a mesh to split the tent for sleeping and space for fireplace. An 8.6” x 8.6” top opening allows use of a burning stove and hot flute pipe and two windows for fresh air circulation.

The tent comes packaged with 1 tent pole, 14 tent stakes and 5 guy lines offering ultimate protection in adverse weather but lacks a bottom.

It has a 10.5ft bottom diameter, 5.2ft height, a lightweight aluminum middle support pole. The combined package only weighs 2.6lb ideal for backpackers. The stuffed sack included organizes all the contents in one place for next use.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy assembling
  • Provides good airflow
  • Lightweight and durable

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5. Playdo 4-Seasons Waterproof Canvas

Playdo 4-Seasons Waterproof Canvas

No matter what weather throws at you the classic cotton canvas tents are a great choice when outdoors. Some designs have a hole for stoves ideal for camping in winter. Construction from natural materials makes them breathable and a great choice for summer. Famous for their durability some manufacturers even claim them to last generations.

The Playdo canvas is waterproof treated and stitched seams is made of 300gms water proof cotton fabric. The bottom part of the floor has fastener on the sides and manufactured using weatherproof PVC material.

The tent has an A frame door for convenient and easy access. It is a four season tent and the availability of the stove hole makes it an ideal choice for winters and the vent at the top is zippable and provides plenty of ventilation.

An electric hole is also provided to facilitate running an electric cable inside the tent. Side walls can be rolled up and left open if the weather permits.

The 5-inch diameter stove vent is made with fire resistant material and enable to and warm up the tent without having to worry about the smoke and condensation.

The bell model is significant sized with dimensions of 118.11” x 118.11” x 98.42” and weighs 42.4lb.

Product Highlights:

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Large capacity

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6. Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Tent

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Tent

Most tents these days are made of nylon and polyester fabrics making them lightweight easy to carry and quick to dry out. To increase their water and UV resistance properties they are further treated with coatings.

Preself three-person tent is made using a specially crafted anti tear polyester fabric which offers extra strength in comparison to nylon. High wind resisting capability can help resist wind and rain and has a 2000mm waterproof rating.

A double door, a stove pipe and two big air vents make it a nice choice for camping any time of the year. Thanks to the anti tear construction, the straps of the tent can be stretched without having to worry about ripping.

It comes packaged with all the required contents needed to setup including, 1 tipi tent, 1 center pole, 8 ropes, 15 tent stakes, 1 accessories bag and a storage bag to keep them all organized however no tent bottom is included.

The tipi tent is ideally designed for backpackers with an unfelt weight of 3.4lb and a diameter of 10.5ft. The packs up to a dimension of 18” x 6” x 6” a very reasonable size to go on the backpack.

Product Highlights:

  • Ultralight and compact
  • Wind resistance
  • Spacious for 3 persons

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7. OneTigris Wild Heaven

OneTigris Wild Heaven

A wood stove OneTigris wild heaven in a spacious tent to accommodate two people. Due to it pyramid design it ultra lightweight making is easy to setup and takedown. It has two large sized doors and highly windproof. A stovepipe vent at the top to keep it warm and facilitates cooking in cold weather. An uncomplicated design with just one pole in the center.

Wilde Heaven is made using 20D silicon coated nylon fabric making it versatile, lightweight and durable. YKK waterproof snag free zippers, 2000mm waterproof rating and the bottom is waterproof treated to keep the dew away.

Its mesh design provides great ventilation and helps keeps insects away. The complete setup kit includes a 5ft center pole, 6 guy lines and 10 ten ten pegs. With a weight of just 2.4lb its super lightweight and suitable to be carried on a backpack.

It is recommended to setup the tent with the pole leaving gaps on all side. The gaps allow the air to easily flow inside which prevents the dew forming on the walls of the tent.

It’s a square tent with 9.8ft length each side and a top height of 5.2ft enough head room for cooking or working inside.

Product Highlights:

  • Highly windproof
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Lightweight and durable

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Buying Guide

While choosing the tent with a stove jack, you need to find the best one for yourself. But before buying it, you need to consider few of the factors that are necessary for a tent with a stove jack. You cannot just go to the market and buy a camping tent especially if you are planning to do it during winters.

The biggest concern while buying a tent with stove jack is the inside because you do not want it to melt your tent. That’s why you need to be very cautious before buying it. Another concern is the breathability of the tent. Imagine yourself as sleeping in a steamy room, that is why the breathability of a tent is very important.

Let’s look at few other considerations before buying the tent.


When choosing a camping tent, you need to consider the best with durable material. The most recommended material is canvas. It is an ideal material for a hot tent because of its non-melting property. It keeps the moisture out and the tent warm and breathable from inside.

Another widely used material is nylon. It is an ideal option for backpacking because of its lightweight but the downside of it is its melting property. You need to be careful around fire especially if you are using a nylon tent.

So the nylon tents are backed by silicon to make them fire-resistant. If you are looking for a perfect tent with a stove jack, you have to make sure that you buy a material that does not melt and is fire-resistant and is durable for a long time.

Weight of the tent:

Another important factor to be considered is the weight of the tent. If you are planning for a backpacking tent, then you need to find the material that is easy to carry and is portable. There are many tents available in the market that are light in weight so that they can be carried anywhere.

The camping tents are available with a waterproof bag. The bag helps in bringing the camping tent anywhere and enjoy it wherever you want to. Nylon is the material that is light in weight and easy to carry. Canvas is considered to be more durable but is heavy in weight.

Tent with a side or top stove jack:

The hot tents are available with both the side and top stove jacks. But the most considerable one is the top stove jack because the smoke directly goes out of the tent. If it is pointing on top, it carries the smoke away and out of the tent.

If the tent has a stove jack on the side wall, an elbow is used. So it means while carrying the tent you need to carry the extra weight of the elbow. But the drawback is that, nesting pipes does not go well with the elbows. So the best choice is to go with a top stove jack.

Mesh screen on doors or windows:

Another important feature to consider while buying a tent is the mesh screen on the doors and windows especially if you are camping in the forest. As the natural places carries a lot of insects and bugs, so to keep yourself safe from such things is to have mesh screens on the doors or windows and they keep the ventilation good.


Buying the best backpacking tent with stove jack is challenging but not anymore. You just have to compare few available products before buying the suitable tent for you. We are sure that after reading the above mentioned products, you will be able to make a right decision.

The camping tents are available with stove jacks so that you can enjoy your camping tie to the fullest whether with your family, friends, or alone. These tents are suitable to carry in every weather. They come with lightweight so that you can carry them anywhere along with you. The tents are also available in different materials so that you can choose the most suitable for you according to your needs. So choose the best tent and enjoy your camping this season.

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