The 10 Best Bb30 Crankset 2022

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Selecting the Best Bb30 Crankset becomes a daunting task if you do not have notes on what you want in it. While searching on the internet, you come across different types and features. People buy based on their requirements and budget.

So, before making a decision, you need to know what functionality you desire to get. Figuring out what attributes you want makes the selection process easier
Now, what features to look for and how to make a checklist of things you want. To clear up your tangled mind, we have worked on a buying guide.

Best Bb30 Crankset
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Best Bb30 Crankset – Comparison Table

We have compiled a list of the Best Bb30 Crankset below for your quick reference. If you want to learn more detail, just check their reviews below. At the end of this article, you will also get a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you further.

1Sram BB30 Bottom Bracket Assembly One Color9.6View on Amazon
2SRAM Force 22 50/34 Crankset BB309.4View on Amazon
3Token Threaded-Press Fit Bottom Bracket for BB386 (Φ46x86.5mm) Frame to BB386 Crankset9.4View on Amazon
4Sram Force22 Crankset - Bb309View on Amazon
5SRAM X1 1400 BB30 Black Dm32T Crankset Without Bottom Bracket8.8View on Amazon
6SRAM BBS001A Spacer Kit (2 x 2.5 mm)8.8View on Amazon
7OMNI Racer Worlds LIGHTEST Ti Ceramic BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearing Kit for BB30 Cranksets8.8View on Amazon
8SRAM BB30 Rival 22 Yaw Crankset8.6View on Amazon
9SRAM Red Crankset - BB308.2View on Amazon
10SRAM Rival 1 BB30 42T X-SYNC Crankset Without Bottom Bracket8.2View on Amazon

Table Of Content:

1. Sram BB30 Bottom Bracket Assembly One Color

  • Material: Steel
  • Recommended use: cycling
  • Sram product
  • 42x30mm cartridge bearing assembly for use with Sram BB30 crankset in BB30 frames
  • Includes bearings, c-clips, and a wavy Washer to add bearing tension.

2. SRAM Force 22 50/34 Crankset BB30

  • The new SRAM Force 22 crankset is newly redesigned with a uni-directional carbon fiber crank arm mated to a CNC-machined alloy spider for decreased weight and increased stiffness.
  • Chainring bolt positioned on backside of crankarm lightens and stiffens crank
  • Stiffer X Glide R chainrings feature thicker construction and advanced shift timing pins and ramps for smoother, more precise shifts.
  • Chainrings have been made thinner to work with new 11-speed chains
  • Compatible with SRAM Yaw 22 front derailleur only

3. Token Threaded-Press Fit Bottom Bracket for BB386 (Φ46×86.5mm) Frame to BB386 Crankset

  • Eliminates creaking of traditional press fit bottom brackets.
  • Fit PF30 (Φ46×68/73mm) frame to BB30 (Φ30mm) crankset, or BB386 (Φ46×86.
  • Bottom Bracket Weight: 114g
  • Tool and spacers are included.
  • You can install it with our attached tools or use other tools such as FSA (230-3046) or other tool.

4. Sram Force22 Crankset – Bb30

  • Hidden bolt pattern leverages the characteristics of carbon fiber while presenting a sleek appearanc

5. SRAM X1 1400 BB30 Black Dm32T Crankset Without Bottom Bracket

  • BOOST 148 compatible
  • Hollow forged aluminum arms with forged aluminum spider
  • Chain ring guard option
  • Mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers
  • Sharp, narrow tooth profile and rounded chamfer edges help manage a deflected chain

6. SRAM BBS001A Spacer Kit (2 x 2.5 mm)

  • Fits 9-10 speed cassettes and bottom brackets
  • Axle spacers size: 2x 2.5 mm
  • Ideal for road bikes
  • Use with BB30 adapters on crankset
  • Spaces 68 mm BB30 shell to 73 mm

7. OMNI Racer Worlds LIGHTEST Ti Ceramic BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearing Kit for BB30 Cranksets

  • Compatible with all BB30/BB30A frames and cranksets requiring BB30 Bearings for 30mm axle.
  • Performance Breakthrough – Speed increases approaching 4%, i.
  • Ti Ceramic Bearing Technology, features proprietary Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel races and cones.
  • See OMNIRACER.COM for more details.

8. SRAM BB30 Rival 22 Yaw Crankset

  • Forged aluminum with detachable spider
  • Hidden bolt design
  • X Glide R Chain rings

9. SRAM Red Crankset – BB30

  • Made of durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Genuine Sram part

10. SRAM Rival 1 BB30 42T X-SYNC Crankset Without Bottom Bracket

  • Forged aluminum arms with detachable spider
  • X-SYNC chain ring-an integral component of the SRAM 1x drivetrain
  • X-SYNC tall, square tooth design provides maximum chain control
  • Sharp, narrow tooth profile and rounded chamfer edges help manage a deflected chain
  • Mud and debris-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers

How to Choose The Best Bb30 Crankset?

Out of all the Bb30 Crankset in the market, you need to know which one is right for you. For that, you need to see if it solves your problem, lies within your budget, convenience, and reliability. Let’s touch on some important factors that you cannot ignore to achieve the desired performance.


Will the Bb30 Crankset function as advertised? It will only be reliable if it functions the same way every time you use it. To know about reliability, you can check the reviews of those who have had the Best Bb30 Crankset for a long time. Also, purchasing from trusted brands will keep you satisfied with the maintained quality.


In the world of social media, people regularly keep you posted about the brands they purchase from and their positive experiences. Once an opinion is formed about a brand, it gives customers satisfaction while buying. Picking a trusted brand reduces chaos and makes it easier to look for what you need.


Warranty offered on the product assures quality and saves you from manufacturing faults. If you receive a faulty product or missing accessories, you can contact the company to assist you free of cost within the mentioned period. You must read the terms and conditions of the warranty to avoid any misconceptions



The Bb30 Crankset must function the way you want it to tackle your need. It is only useful to you if it performs its task, and it is easy to use and safe. Also, it must be durable to withstand its function. You are paying for that main purpose so it must justify the price. Then, if you can spend more, you can go for additional features for your convenience.

Design and Shape

The product must be designed to cater to the customer's needs. A sleek design with easy operation and usage will be more comfortable than dealing with a complicated design. The product should be of high quality, functional, and attractive in design to trigger the customers to buy.

Best Prices

Models with different features come in different price ranges. More than one functionality will cost you more. So, you need to consider how much you can spend on the product. If you are short on budget, then you should go for the main features and if you can invest well then no problem remains. Best Bb30 Crankset are the ones that are cost-effective delivering desired performance.


Going through the buying guide, you would have made up your mind about the Bb30 Crankset you wished to get. Identify your need first before looking for a Bb30 Crankset. Knowing the features before the selection will help you differentiate between the models.

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide for the Best Bb30 Crankset. Go for reliability. Check the warranty and read the reviews to see what people say about the Bb30 Crankset. Make sure you read it carefully before making the final decision so the purchase does not leave you disappointed.

I hope this post gives you a happy shopping experience. You can share it with the ones looking for the same.

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