Best Tent For 2 Adults And A Dog In 2022

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your free time if you are an outdoor type of person. Most people love to sleep in the wilderness with the sounds of chirping birds, croaking frogs, and creaking trees.

Exploring the outdoor beauty is one of the most exciting thing to do with a dog especially staying a night in nature’s wilderness. There are many tent options available in the market for camping with your pet but finding the best tent for 2 adults and a dog is challenging.

Camping with a dog might sound interesting but you need to keep some extra considerations in mind like security, protection, ventilation and many more. To guide you in choosing the best tent for yourself and your dog while camping, we have listed down few products.

Best Tent for 2 Adults and A Dog

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Best Tent for 2 Adults and A Dog

The Coleman sundome tent is made of taffeta 75-denier polyester which is durable for short outdoor trips and adventures. Along with durability taffeta provides privacy which is important when outdoors. The tent designed to be free standing based on X-shaped pole structure. The free standing design enables the tent to be placed on various ground types.

It is a two-person water proof tent it has one door, two windows for ventilation along with two additional mesh openings available all around placed towards the top. Rain fly is available to cover the windows to stop rain water from getting in to the tent. It also has an extra vent placed near the floor to ensure plenty of fresh air flows inside at all times.

The poles are made of carbon fibre which makes it lightweight, durable and flexible at the same time. Inside the tent there are two small mesh pockets to keep items organized. Along from the pockets there is zippered port provided to facilitate an electrical connection inside the tent.
It has a floor size of 7 x 5 ft and the surface size of 3.24 square meter. The tent is 48 inches high and weighs 7.2 lb which makes is slightly heavier to go on a backpack.

The affordable entry level price and easy to setup design makes it a great entry level choice for beginners. The easy to setup design facilitates setting it up in 10 minutes without any experience with tents.

Product Highlights:

  • Water and weatherproof
  • Easy set-up
  • Enhanced airflow and ventilation

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2. Wakeman Dome Tent

Wakeman Dome Tent

The Wakeman two persons dome tent is made of water resistant material with 109T polyester and polyurethane coating on the tent body offers rain protection making a trip enjoyable and dry.

Water-resistant coating and taped seams make it a great three-season option. It has a large D-style door for comfortable, easy, and convenient access. The ventilation window allows plenty of fresh air to circulate for easy breathing. The detachable rain fly acts as a guard against the rainwater making its way inside the tent.

Poles of the tent are made of fiberglass which has a reputation of performing consistently under all weather conditions. Construction from fiberglass makes them 100% rust and corrosion proof and durable.
Contents of the tent can be easily organised with the availability of a small pocket. Electric access can be easily facilitated with the help of access port provided.

The tent is 77 inches long, 57 inches wide and 40 inches high from the centre. With the weight 2.75 lbs it is lightweight and can be carried on a backpack.

With just 2 fiberglass poles to work with, it easy and timeless to setup and takedown. The carrying bag is ideal for the contents of the tent easier to organize and transport.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy set-up and organization
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Rust and corrosion-proof

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3. Wakeman Dome Tent

Wakeman Dome Tent

Having a good night sleep after a tiring day outdoors is an ultimate experience in itself. It is peaceful to be under the sky, feeling the cool breeze away from the noise and pollution of the cities. A good outdoor experience requires a good tent for shelter. The tent shouldn’t only be safe but easy to install and remove.

Dome style camping tents are a great option for beginners stepping into the world of outdoors. To ensure stability the dome design uses one crossover node and has a single highpoint towards the centre of the tent to allow maximum head room.

Wakeman offers tent for two people manufactured using sturdy nylon material and rainfly to ensure the rainwater is not allowed to find its way in to the tent for a memorable experience.

The large D- style door for convenient access is a combination of zipped fabric layer on the outside and an inner screen layer offers plenty of ventilation, privacy and keeping the bugs from entering the tent.

The easy design with just two poles made from fiberglass ensure that it easily put up and removed without much knowledge or experience with the tents. It has a retractable rainfly and mesh pockets to keep the inside of the tent organised.

Dome design has dimensions of 77” x 57” x 40” and weighs only 2.75 lb.

Product Highlights:

  • Durable
  • Spacious and convenient
  • Easy set-up and removal
  • Dual-layer door continues airflow

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4. Coleman Kids Wonder Lake

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake

A company that started over a century ago in 1900 has around long enough to know the art of making tents better any competitor in the market.

Coleman kids wonder lake tent is manufactured using durable polyguard fabric designed to last seasons after seasons. The polyguard fabric is unmatched even in extreme weather conditions.

Designed with a glow in the dark logo aims to provide kids with the ultimate outdoor experience. The signature WeatherTec welded system combined with inverted seams helps keep them dry. The dome shape of the tent can withstand wind, while the door awning and included rainfly provides added weather protection. Storage pockets are available inside to keep gear organized.

The patent pin and ring system ensures the tent always stays secured to the poles. Poles of the tent are made of fiberglass that can withstand different weathers and are free from corrosion.

It is 7 feet long, 4 feet wide and has a centre height of 3 feet. Slightly heavy for its size and weigh 5.3 lbs is ideal to be carried in car.

Thanks to the snug free and continuous sleeves along the poles makes it easy to setup and only takes 10 minutes. The expandable carrier bag included keeps the components organized for later.

Product Highlights:

  • Corrosion-free
  • Weather Tec system
  • Weatherproof
  • Water-resistant

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5. Stansport Scout 2 Person Tent

Stansport Scout 2 Person Tent

Stansport a family run business dating back to 1949 that believes adventures are not only for hard core mountaineers but also for those who enjoy being surrounded by nature. The company has been providing high quality yet affordable gear for great outdoor activities.

The company started organising outdoor event in 2014 to promote outdoor activities among the children and families and aims to organise such event every year.

Stansport scout backpack tent is three season A frame style tent in the market where dome style tents are becoming more and more popular. It is classic scout troop design capable of housing two people.
The top of the tent is made of 800mm P.U coated polyester while the floor is made using rugged P.E. Inner door mesh is made with no see Um mesh which is that makes it almost invisible.

Lightweight, compact and easy to assemble design is ideal for backpackers. 2 steel poles, ropes, stakes and a carry bag is included in the package. Material used for manufacturing meets the CPAI-84 flame retardant specifications.

The tent is 78 inches long, 52 inches wide, 38 inches high and weighs 3.8lbs. Thanks to the A frame design it is fairly easy and straightforward to assemble.

Product Highlights:

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy to carry and assemble

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6. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr Tent

ALPS zephyr walls made entirely of mesh is a great choice especially in hot weather allowing maximum ventilation and flow of fresh air in the tent. The polyester tent fly resist water getting inside the tent and prevents UV damage. While the floor is manufactured using 75D 185T poly taffeta material with 3000 mm coating.

Zephyr has two doors making it easily accessible from both sides and vestibule extended over both doors which offers great storage space for extra gear. The rainfly is buckles to the tent instead of an elastic cord which makes the attachment extra secure.

The tent has a free standing design which makes it easier to assemble and ideal to be placed on various ground surfaces.
Poles of Zephyr are made of aircraft alloy aluminium, which makes them lightweight yet strong. The unique design of the poles allows extra head room when sitting up without feeling cramped.

It comes fully equipped with mesh storage pockets for organising gear, gear loft, aluminium stakes and guy ropes keeping it secure to the ground.

Zephyr is a three season tent with a base area of 58” x 88” and a centre height of 38”. Vestibule depth of 28” and an area of 17 sq. ft. It weighs 5 lb and a total tent area of 31 sq. ft.

Product Highlights:

  • Water and UV damage resistant
  • Easy assembling and set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Easily set on every ground surface

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7. Wakeman Dome Tent

Wakeman Dome Tent

Camping and spending time outdoors is proven to have a positive impact on reducing stress and contributes greatly to physical and emotional wellbeing. An ultimate outdoor experience is never possible without having a reliable and up to date camping equipment.

Quality of a tent is of utmost importance when selecting the gear. It offers complete protection against sun, wind, rain, insects whatever nature has to offer.

Wakeman’s dome tent for two people made from polyester with the outer side coated with polyurethane is water resistant offers an enjoyable experience while protecting against the weather.

It is a great three season option thanks to its water resistant coating and taped seems. A significant sized D- style door provides easy access and the ventilation window ensures sufficient levels of fresh air is supplied inside the tent. The rainfly is detachable and offers protection from the rain water keeping it dry.

The tent has only two poles manufactured with fibreglass making it easy to setup and takedown. The ease of use makes it an ideal choice for camping, finishing or just a shelter against the sun.

Dome tent has a length of 77 inches, width of 57 inches wide, a centre height of 40 inches and weighs 2.75 lbs.

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight
  • Best suitable for two persons
  • Dual-layer door
  • Easy set-up

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Buying Guide:

Before buying the best tent for 2 adults and a dog, you must have to be considerate about few factors. These factors might not be big but considering them will make your choice easier.


Weight is the first and foremost factor while considering to buy a tent. You need to choose and decide how much weight you will be able to carry during your travel. Lightest tent is not considered to be the best choice especially if you are on a regular trip.

Sometimes people compromise durability over price due to the weight. If you want your tent to last longer, then carrying few more pounds during camping will be worth it. Remember, you are away from home into another home and comfort should be your top priority.

Interior Space:

Space is the second most important factor while selecting a tent for camping with a dog. A dog must be considered as another additional person and you do not know how much space they will take while they sleep.

You don’t need to sacrifice comfort sleeping in the tent just because you have a dog. If the tent has larger interior space it will help you to keep your gears inside the tent.

Pay close attention to the design that you are buying. You need to see if the tent is tapered to save some space or is it in a rectangular shape to offer more room.


Most of the hot sleepers require lots of air ventilation during camping. There are many tents that can be easily unzipped from rain fly opening to bring in more fresh air.

Ventilation defends condensations. So if you have multiple people in the tent, the amount of moisture increases and it creates condensation. It can be a problem if you want to pack your tent early morning because you will not be able to pack a wet tent.

Season consideration:

A tent with a 3 season capability is enough for campers unless you are planning to do camping during the winters. A three season tent has a lot more to offer like ventilation and it can also provide insulation in winters.

Freestanding vs Non- freestanding:

There are two types of tents

  • Freestanding
  • Non-freestanding

A freestanding tent is usually supported by tent poles. They are mostly dual walled with stakes and rain fly structure being separate from each other.

However, non-freestanding tents are for bikers or cyclists who use tent poles to support the structure. They are different that the freestanding and are single walled with built in rain fly.


Camping is always a fun activity especially if you are sharing the tent with your friend or a dog. The only challenge that campers face is while finding a best tent for 2 adults and a dog.

Before planning for any type of camping trip, you need to make sure that you are fully planned for the trip and especially the needs of your dog.

Taking a dog on a camping trip sounds fun but you need to be considerate of essential items like a blanket, medication, towel, and all the other necessities. Dogs can be the best companion for camping trips and buying a tent for your adventure can be challenging. But we made it easy for you by exchanging the knowledge of few factors to be considered before buying the tent.

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