The 10 Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting 2022

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When it comes to choosing the Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting for your requirements, there are several things that need consideration. This is why you are here to get an honest opinion.

You need answers to what type of Tripod For Plein Air Painting you must get and what features you prioritize in your budget.

In this article, we have included a detailed buying guide along with "Tripod For Plein Air Painting Reviews" to make your selection easier.

Before rushing excitedly to grab the right one, you must go through this guide to avoid any regrets of getting an unsuitable “Tripod For Plein Air Painting".

Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting
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Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting – At A Glance

In this list, you will see the top 12 Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting selected by our expert team. All of them are available on Amazon during the research time. At the end of this article, you will also get a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you further.

1Sienna Plein Air Palette Box (CT-PS-100)9.6View on Amazon
2New Wave u.go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box9.6View on Amazon
3MEEDEN Artist Pochade Box for Plein Air Painting Easel9.2View on Amazon
4Traveler Tripod Shelf by En Plein Air Pro9View on Amazon
5Sienna Plein Air Tripod Easel (CT-TRI-0158)9View on Amazon
6New Wave u.go Plein Air - Tripod LCS1 - Compatible with New Wave u.go Plein air Pochade Boxes8.8View on Amazon
72 Hole Tripod Shelf by En Plein Air Pro8.6View on Amazon
8MEEDEN Ultimate Pochade Box8.4View on Amazon
9Soho Urban Artist Pochade Box for Plein-Aire Painting French Easel8.4View on Amazon
10Advanced Series En Plein Air Pro Watercolor Package8.2View on Amazon

Table Of Content:

1. Sienna Plein Air Palette Box (CT-PS-100)

  • Easily attaches to the Sienna tripod or most of round legs tripod
  • Blocks can be easily removed
  • Tempered glass palette and two 6.5″” x 10.5″” folding accessory trays
  • Converts to watercolor or pastel palette
  • Dimensions Length 11 1/2 inch, Width 13 1/4 inch, Depth1 1/2 inch

2. New Wave u.go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box

  • Materials: The u.
  • Design: Rare earth magnets are used for closure, panel/canvas holder, removable side wall for palette cleaning/replacement, and accessory side tray attachment.
  • Palette: Each u.
  • Surfaces: The Maximum Recommended Painting Surface is 9″ Vertical.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 8.

3. MEEDEN Artist Pochade Box for Plein Air Painting Easel

  • PAINT ANYWHERE YOU LIKE – This all in one adjustable pochade box was designed for travelling.
  • LARGE STORAGE SPACE-This Pochade box features three parts large storage space with removable dividers.
  • EASY ANGLES ADJUSTABLE- The hinged adjustment arm beside the porchade box can be adjusted to any painting angles,even flat for watercolor painting.
  • ATTACH YOUR POCHADE BOX FASTER AND EASIER -Travel Aluminum Tripod and Quick Reales Plate are special designed for this Plein air painting.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:MEEDEN Plein Air Painting Easel comes with a detailed instruction brochure and assembling video attched in our listing for how to easily assemble your new easel box.

4. Traveler Tripod Shelf by En Plein Air Pro

  • No Clamps or brackets needed
  • Fits most photo/video tripods with leg diameter of 7/8″ – 1 1/8″
  • This shelf has a hole for plastic water cup and holes for your brushes

5. Sienna Plein Air Tripod Easel (CT-TRI-0158)

  • The Sienna tripod comes with a precision machined ballhead
  • Sienna legs can be independently locked into place at 3 different angles
  • Tripod height can easily be set by a flip of the quick lock leg levers
  • A hook located on the bottom allows you to hang a bag or backpack
  • Tripod comes with a shoulder strap and carrying case

6. New Wave u.go Plein Air - Tripod LCS1 - Compatible with New Wave u.go Plein air Pochade Boxes

  • Lightweight: 2.9lbs. Perfect for outdoor painting treks.
  • Compact: Folded Height 13.8 inches. Max Height 55.5 inches.
  • Sturdy: Rigid 360-degree ball head swivel mount with Max load of 26.5lbs.
  • Features: dovetail quick release plate, retractable weight hook, nylon loop, flip leg locks, aluminum alloy construction, carry bag.
  • Design: Contains a universal 1/4 inch threaded tripod mount.

7. 2 Hole Tripod Shelf by En Plein Air Pro

  • Designed as a secondary shelf for the artist that needs extra shelf space.
  • This shelf fits below and to the left or right of our other shelf or palettes.
  • Shelf measures 15.
  • Fits most tripods with 1″ – 1 1/8″ diameter legs ( round or rectangular)
  • The 2 hole shelf weight 1 lb 3oz.

8. MEEDEN Ultimate Pochade Box

  • PAINT ANYWHERE YOU LIKE – This all in one pochade box was designed for travel from sea to summit and anywhere in between.
  • TRANSPORT YOUR WET PAINTINGS WITH EASE – The bottom contains an adjustable wet panel storage area which allows you to carry 3-4PCS wet panels of any size from 8″ x 10″ to 9″ x 12″ during travel.
  • Universal Tripod Mounting Plate – This Pochade box comes with a 1/4″ tripod socket, which is standard for camera tripods.
  • INFINITE RANGE OF ANGLES – Thanks to the hinged adjustment arm the lid can be held at any painting angle, and would even go completely flat for watercolor painting.

9. Soho Urban Artist Pochade Box for Plein-Aire Painting French Easel

  • Superb craftsmanship and durable rich SoHo finish; Makes painting outdoors a breeze as well as eliminating problems that are usually associated with lesser quality Pochade boxes or French easels; Allows you to carry multiple supplies, holding up to six painting panels within and it’s able to adjust to an infinite range of angles for painting in oils, watercolors, or pastels.
  • Perfect for carrying multiple supplies; Holds Canvases/Panels as small as 1-1/4” to 17” high, any reasonable width; Fully adjustable for a wide variation of painting angles;.
  • Roomy storage compartment with removable dividers; Easy to hold resin handle & detachable cotton shoulder strap for carrying and transporting; Easy access adjustable wet panel storage area; Bottom section holds up to 6 small dry or 2 wet canvas panels up 9″ W x 12″L.
  • 3″deep x 10″wide storage compartment with three divider sections; Integrated, the removable wood palette can be used hands-free or handheld; Comes with magnetic brush holding tray & paper towel holder.
  • Dimensions of box when closed: 12 1/4″ Long X 14 3/4″ Wide X 6 1/2″ High | Weighs: 6.

10. Advanced Series En Plein Air Pro Watercolor Package

  • Our new “Advanced Series” Easel is larger – 12” x 15.75”
  • With over 80 square inches of mixing wells, our new “Advanced Series” Watercolor Palette Shelf is like having a studio palette in the field.
  • SLIK U8000 Tripod has a wider stance and offers better stability

How to Choose the Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting?

Below are some of the elements that will help you decide on the Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting. Let’s quickly get into the key points to see how they work for your desired one.


It is one of the most important factors when buying a Tripod For Plein Air Painting. Customers expect consistency in performance. Reading the customer reviews will save you from getting defective, and unreliable products. Companies that offer warranties vouch for the reliability of their Tripod For Plein Air Painting. For instance, a product with a two-year warranty will be considered more reliable than a product with a one-year warranty.


Brands that deliver positive experiences consistently have customers' hearts. Therefore, buying from trusted brands will keep you at peace. They offer safety and save your decision-making time. There are many budget-friendly brands out there to give you the Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting. It does not necessarily mean that you need to pay much higher to get good quality. You can also purchase from discounted offers.


When you pay a certain amount to get a reliable product, you expect it to work accordingly. The warranty period is the thing you must not skip while searching for the products. The product must come with a warranty period so that if any mishap occurs, you can send it back for replacement or repair.


What if the Tripod For Plein Air Painting does not function for what you bought it for? That’s scary. Functionality is highly important to achieve the desired results. It is even more important than aesthetics. Your product is useless to you if only it looks better but has poor performance. Going through Tripod For Plein Air Painting Reviews, customer reviews, and videos on how it performs will give you an idea of the functionality.

Design and Shape of Tripod For Plein Air Painting

The “Tripod For Plein Air Painting must be designed keeping in mind the customer requirements. A product that is ergonomically designed is easy to use. It must have all the required features and facilities to make the operation effortless. If you come across a complex design, you might get tired and frustrated operating it. So, it must be easy to handle and use.

Best Prices

The product must be of high quality and cost-effective. Advanced features come at a price. You cannot get the Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting will all the high-end features for a few bucks. What you can do is, pick the features you want and see if they are being offered in your budget.
Not all quality products need to be high priced. You can get a good product within your budget. Also, there are options of discounted offers where you can be lucky to find your dream Tripod For Plein Air Painting


With several products out there in the market, it is highly time-consuming to make the right decision. We understand your pain. That is why we have gathered all the important considerations in this guide.It is extremely important to know how reliable the Tripod For Plein Air Painting will be to get an idea that you are investing in the right thing. Trusted brands would provide a warranty to get the issues fixed within the specified period leaving you satisfied. How functional and easy it is to use will keep you relaxed.
I hope this article helps you land on the Best Tripod For Plein Air Painting. You can share this informational guide with your family and friends with similar interests.

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